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Time-table of conference


14.09, Friday - arrival and registration.

15.09, Saturday - oral presentations. Evening - Ice-breaking party.

16.09, Sunday, oral presentations, poster section.

17.09, Monday - geological excursion along the sea-short of Sudak and  Novii Svet (by the ferry-boat)

18.09, Tuesday - excursion to the sparking-vine factory and protected woodland "Juniper grove". Departure of participients.

21.09, Friday - oral presentations in Moscow in GEOKHI RAS.


September 14

Registration of participants of conference.


September 15

10.0010.15 Conference opening.


Opening speech of Sc.D., research supervisor of electromagnetic methods of researches Sheremet E.M.


Opening speech of chairwomen of organizing committee academician RAS Kogarko L.N.


Morning meeting

Subject: Genesis of alkaline magmatism: general veiw

Leading: Sc.D., research supervisor of electromagnetic methods of researches Sheremet E.M. (Ukraine)

10.1510.45 Kogarko Liya Nikolaevna (Russia). Relation of alkaline magmatizm with deepest plumes

10.45-11.00 - Arzamastsev Andrei Alexandrovich, Arzamastseva L.V. (Russia). Geochemical indicators of the evolution of the ultrabasic alkaline series of the Kola Province

11.0011.15 Galetskiy Leonid Stanislavovich, Komskiy N.M., Remezova E.A. (Ukraine). Alkaline magmatism of the Ukrainian shield  in connection with tectonic-magmatic activation  zones

11.15-11.30 Sheremet Evgenij Mikhailovich, Kryvdik S.G., Sedova E.V. (Ukraine). Rare-metal granites and rare-earth syenites in the context of anorthosite-rapakivigranite formation of Ukrainian Shield

11.30-11.45 Kryvdik Stepan Grigorievich, Dubina A.V., Kogarko L.N. (Ukraine, Russia). Geochemical peculiarities of Chernigovka carbonatitic massif (Ukraine, Azov area)

11.4512.00 Mikhailov Nikolay Dmitrievich, Laptsevich A.G. (Belarus).  Hydrothermal mineralization features of alkali magmatic rocks of North-Pripyat magmatism area

12.00-12.15 coffee break

12.15-12.30 Shumlyanskyy Leonid Vladislavovich (Ukraine). Post-collision mafic-ultramafic magmatism of the Ukrainian shield (1800 Ma)

12.30-12.45 Rusin Anatoliy Ivanovich, Krasnobaev A.A., Baneva N.N., Medvedeva E.V., Valizer P.M. (Russia). Deep sources and isotope age of alkali-carbonatite and platiniferous ultramafite-mafite associations of the Urals

12.45-13.00 Hegazy Hussein (Egypt). Petrogenesis of Abu Khruq Nepheline Syenites, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

13.00-13.15 Abu El-Ela (Egypt). Neoproterozoic alkaline magmatism of Atalla felsites, Eastern Desert of Egypt

13.15-13.30 Zaitsev Viktor Anatolievich (Russia). Alkaline rocks and astroblems: experience of the comparative statistical analysis

13.30-14.30 dinner


Evening meeting

Subject: Potassium alkaline rocks, lampoites and kimberlites

Leading: Sc.D., academician RAS Kogarko L.N. (Russia)

14.30-15.00 Vladykin Nikolai Vasilievich (Russia). Differentiation, stratification, ore potential in K-alkaline systems exemplified by the Murun massif, Western Aldan

15.00-15.15 Nikolaeva Alexandra Timofeevna (Russia). Features of the formation of melilite-bearing rocks from Cupaello and Colle Fabbri, Central Italy

15.15-15.30 Shniukova Kateryna Evgenievna (Ukraine). U-Pb SHRIMP Geochronology and Geochemical Peculiarities of Zircons from Igneous Rocks of Lomonosov Submarine Massif: an Evidence for Proterozoic Basement Presence in the Northern Margin of the Black Sea Depression?

15.30-15.45 Rotman Anatoly Yakovlevich, Ivanov A.S., Pomazansky B.S. (Russia). Mineralogy-geochemical specificity kimberlitic off Yakutia with the different productivity

15.45-16.00 Zozulya Dmitry Rostislavovich, Kullerud K. (Russia, Norway). Geochemical discriminant study of the tectonic setting and source for lamproites, with emphasis on Fennoscandian, Greenland and Canada occurrences

16.00-16.15 Soloveva Lidia Vasilievna., Kalashnikova T.V. (Russia). Primary sources of kimberlite diamonds the facts and hypotheses

16.15-16.30 coffee break

16.30-16.45 Aziz Yaser (Egypt). Geochemistry of peridotite microxenolith enclosed in kimberlite from Mozambique

16.45-17.00 Kostrovitsky Sergey Ivanovich, Esenkulova S.A., Yakovlev D.A., Kalashnikova T.V. (Russia). Role of processes of capture and contamination of debrital lithosphere mantle rocks in the formation of kimberlites

17.00-17.15 Sablukov Sergey Mikhailovich,  Sablukova L.I., Stegnitsky Yu.B., Karpenko M.A. (Russia). Origin of the mantle xenoliths with green garnets in kimberlites (Newlands dyke, South Africa and Nyurbinskaya pipe, Yakutia)

17.15-17.30 Kalashnikova Tatyana Vladimirovna, Soloveva L.V., Kostrovitsky S.I. (Russia). The zonal distribution of trace elements in garnets from deformed lherzolites in the Udachnaya Pipe (Yakutia)

17.30-17.45 Pokhilenko Lyudmila Nikolaevna (Russia). Particularities of the reaction rims around garnets from the mantle xenoliths of different paragenesis (by the example of basic and ultrabasic rocks from Udachnaya kimberlite pipe, Yakutia)

17.45-18.00 coffee break

18.00-18.45 Kapitonov Igor Nikolaevich, Goltsin N.A., Lokhov Kirill Igorevich, Sergeev S.A. (Russia). Mass-spectrometry with ionization by inductively-coupled plasma and laser sampling system: application to geological problems


September 16

Morning meeting

Subject: Geochemistry and petrology of mafic- and ultramafic rocks

Leading: Sc.D., leading scientific researcher Arzamastsev A.A. (Russia)

10.00-10.30 Ryabchikov Igor Dmitrievich (Russia). Oxygen potential of magmas and problems of Pt potential

10.30-10.45 Simonov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Prihidko V.S., Agafonov L.V., Kotlyarov A.V., Kovyazin S.V. (Russia). Characteristics of fluid components in the alkaline magmatic systems, participating in the formation of Konder platinum-bearing ultrabasic massif (Siberian Platform)

10.45-11.00 Rokosova Elena Yurevna (Russia). Formation conditions of ulrtamafic and mafic dyke rocks from Yllymakh and Ryabinovy Massifs, Central Aldan

11.00-11.15 Panina Liya Ivanovna (Russia). Microxenoliths of metosomatized spinel lherzolites in dunites from the Guli Pluton

11.15-11.30 Mitrofanov Alexander Feliksovich, Kogarko L.N., Anosova M.O., Kostitsin Yu.A. (Russia). Coefficients of co-crystallization and research of distribution of rare and  precision metals in sulphides paragenesis of Fedorova Tundra deposite (Kola Peninsula)

11.30-11.45 Sushchevskaya Nadezhda Mikhailovna, Belyatsky B.V., Kuzmin D.V., Krymsky R.Sh. (Russia). Some features of alkaline magmatism of the East Antarctic (Jetty Oasis)

11.45-12.00 coffee break

12.00-12.15 Ignatkevich Elena Sergeevna, Varlamov D.A., Mikhailov  N.D. (Belarus, Russia). Mineralogy-geochemical peculiarities of ultrabasic alkaline rocks found in the eastern part of the Prypiat graben (Belarus)

12.15-12.30 Ilbeyli Nurdane, Ozgenc I. (Turkey). Carbonatite and alkaline magmatism in central-east of Anatolia (Malatya, Turkey)

12.30-12.45 Yalcin Mustafa, Ilbeyli N., Pearce J.A., Yalcin F. (Turkey). Field, petrographic and geochemical characteristics of the alkaline magmatism in central Anatolia (Turkey)

12.45-13.00 Canbaş Hacer, Baş H. (Turkey). Mineralogical and petrographical characteristics of the trachybasalt clasts from Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene Detse ignimbrites, Konya, Turkey

13.00-13.15 Kocak Kerim (Turkey). Geochemical characteristics of the Late Miocene to Pliocene Ulumuhsine sill of the Erenlerdagi volcanics, Konya, Central Turkey

13.15-13.30 Oun Khaled, Hertogen J., Pasteel P., Sander I.S. (Libya). Geochemistry and K-Ar dating of the Tertiary undersaturated volcanic province of Jabal Al Hasawinah, Libya

13.30-14.30 dinner


Evening meeting

Subject: Geochemistry, petrology and ore potential of granitoids

Leading: Sc.D. Vladykin N.V. (Russia)

14.30-14.45 Sheremet Evgenij Mikhailovich (Ukraine). Geochemistry and Metallogeny of Granitoids in Terms of Ukrainian Shield Subduction Zone Tectonotype Position

14.45-15.00 Dokuchaev Alexandr Yakovlevich, Bubnov S.N., Goltsman Yu.V. (Russia). Neogen granitoids of the North Caucasus: geochemistry, petrology and ore potential

15.00-15.15 Lokhov Dmitry Kirillovich, Podionov N.V., Presnyakov S.L., Kapitonov I.N., Lokhov K.I. (Russia). Postmagmatic zircons in rapakivi granites of the Salmi batolith and high potassium granite massives in its North-West surrounding (Karelia)

15.15-15.30 Comlekciler Fuat, Kocak K. (Turkey). Petrographic and geochemical characteristics of plagiogranite in the Yesilova ophiolite between Yesilova and Tefenni (Burdur, SW Turkey)

Subject: Geochemistry, petrology and mineralogy of alkaline-carbonatitic series

15.30-15.45 Nivin Valentin Alexandrovich, Avedisyan A.A. (Russia). Relationships between distributions of hydrocarbon gases and noble gas isotopes in rocks and minerals of the Lovozero massif

15.45-16.00 Kozlov Evgeniy Nikolaevich, Arzamastsev A.A. (Russia). Evolution of  metasomatizing fluids in contact zones of carbonatite massives (by the example of  the massif Lake Varaka, Kola peninsula)

16.00-16.15 coffee break

16.15-16.30 Nedosekova Irina Leonidovna (Russia). Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, U-Pb, Lu-Hf isotope systems and geochemical specificity Ilmeno-Vishnevogorsky Alkaline-Carbonatite Complex (Urals, Russia)

16.30-16.45 Kovalchuk Natalya Sergeevna (Russia). Mineralogy and geochemistry of carbonatites in Timan (Russia)

16.45-17.00 Sharygin Victor Victorovich (Russia). Mineralogy of metacarbonate xenolith from alkali basalt, E.Eifel, Germany

17.00-17.15 Rodionov N.V., Belyatsky B.V., Antonov A.V., Simakin S.G., Kapitonov I.N., Sergeev S.A. (Russia). Some geochemical features of carbonatite baddeleyite from Kovdor Massif (Kola Peninsula)

17.15-17.30 Morgun Vyacheslav Grigoryevich (Ukraine). Albetites of East Azov Area (Ukrainian shield)

17.30-17.45 Starikova Anastasiya Eugenevna (Russia). Melilite-group minerals at rocks of the Tazheran alkiline massif (Western Baikal area)

17.45-18.00 Ermolaeva Vera Nikitichna, Pekov I.V., Chukanov N.V. (Russia). New data about minerals with anomalous compositions of LREE in high-alkaline pegmatites

18.00-18.15 coffee break

18.15-18.30 Pakhomova N.N., Smirnova E.V., Mysovskaya I.N. (Russia). The problems of trace elements determination in magmatic rocks of different composition by ICP-MS analysis

18.30-18.45 Zarubina Olga Vasilevna (Russia). Peculiarities of trace elements determination in alkaline and carbonates composition rocks by atomic-emission analysis

18.45 conference closing


September 17

Sea geological excursion along the sea coast of the Sudak to the Noviy Svet


September 18

Excursion on plant of sparkling wines and a juniper grove (Noviy Svet)