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Russian Academy of Sciences

Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry


Ukrainian Research and Design Institute for Mining Geology, Rock Mechanics and Surveying, Donetsk, Ukraine


International conference

Ore potential of alkaline, kimberlite and carbonatite magmatism.

School Geochemistry of Alkaline rocks


Dear colleagues! We invite you to participate in the International conference Ore potential of alkaline, kimberlite and carbonatite magmatism as a part of the school Geochemistry of Alkaline rocks, which will take place 14-18 September, 2012 in Ukraine, Sudak.


The following themes are suggested:

        Genesis of alkaline magmatism: general veiw

        Potassium alkaline rocks, lampoites and kimberlites

        Geochemistry, petrology and ore potential of alkaline-carbonatitic series

        Geochemistry and petrology of mafic- and ultramafic rocks

        Geochemistry, petrology and ore potential of granitoids

        Mineralogy of alkaline rocks and carbonatites

        The experimental data for alkaline rocks petrogenesis



Registration forms and abstracts you can send to e-mail: Alkaline2011@gmail.com and alkaline2012@yandex.ru. The deadline for abstracts are prolonged by May, 25; also it is final term. Abstracts will be published in a special book and by way of e-print on the Conference web-site http://alkaline2012.web.ru/.


Registration form

Full name_________________________________________________

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Contact phone_______________________________________________

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For each presentation:

Name of presentation__________________________________________

Preferred form of presentation (oral or poster, plenary or simple)_______

Desirable place (Sudak/Moscow)________________________________


Abstracts will be accepted in English in the form of rtf - file. Additional abstract in Russian are welcome for the Internet-publication. Volume of abstract (including heading, pictures and tables) should not exceed 2 pages 4 (all fields are 2 sm) with single spacing.

Conditions of abstracts design:

1.                 The title of abstract - 11 size, bold, justified on the centre.

2.                 Authors - Surname and initials, 11 size, bold, italic, justified on the centre. Affiliation of authors should be indicated by "*". If all authors work in the same organization "*"- dont marked. The lecturer name must be underline.

3.                 Affiliation the name of organisation, city and country - 11 size, italic, justified on the centre.

4.                 E-mail of presenting author

5.                 Please, leave one line empty between affilation and main text.

6.                 The main text 10 size, paragraph space is 1 sm, usual font, on width. Using the styles for text formatting is not supposed.

7.                 Tables should be typed in Word, copying of tables from Excel is not supposed.

8.                 Pictures (vector or raster) should be simple and give the accurate image at ordinary black-and-white printing with 300 dpi. Pictures should be located in the text of abstract and additionally attached in jpg or gif files. We are strongly not recommend to use foto- or cartographic materials in abstracts.

9.                 Acknowledgments of support foundation - if necessary, in the end of abstracts, italic.

10.             References.


Example of abstracts design:

Isotopic signature of the Siberian flood basalts and alkaline magmatism of Polar Siberia

Kogarko L.N.*, Zartman R.**

* Vernadsky Institute of geochemistry and analytical chemistry, Moscow, Russia; ** Harward University, Harward, USA.



A close association between alkaline magmatism and continental flood basalts is observed worldwide. Nevertheless, the problem of a genetic link between the Siberian flood basalts (SFB) and the ultramafic-alkaline rocks of the Maimecha-Kotuy province in Polar Siberia is still being debated.

This study was financially supported by RFBR grant 07-05-00385-a.



Kapustin U.L. Mineralogy of carbonatites. Moscow: Nauka, 1971. 288 p (in Russian).

Ahijado A., Casillas R., Nagy G., Fernandez C. Sr-rich minerals in a carbonatite skarn, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Spain) // Mineralogy and Petrology. 2005. Vol. 84. P. 107-127.