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The history of our seminar


The seminar  "Geochemistry of magmatic rocks" was established by V.I. Gerasimovsky – the first head of laboratory of magmatic rocks in V.I. Vernadsky Institute for Geochemistry and Analytical chemistry RAS. Initially the seminar was the local meeting, inside the V.I. Vernadsky institute. The first All- Union conference devoted to the geochemistry of magmatic rocks took place in our Institute in 1975. The wide thematic field of conference allowed to attract the scientists, working for study of magmatism from the all territory of USSR. During the last-soviet period this seminar annually became the important event for the Soviet magmatic geochemistry. After breakdown of the USSR a seminar some years were not spent.
The scientific school «Alkaline magmatism of the Earth» in the end of 90-th restored to life this conference as the All-Russian seminar. Rapidly the seminar became the significant conference also for the post-soviet republics and officially changed its status. Very important factor for resuscitating the seminar was the support of Russian foundation for Basic research (RFBR). The new page in the seminar history was opened the away-meetings. They have been spent in Apatity (Kola Peninsula)in 2003, Miass (Ural) in 2007 and Donetsk (Ukrain)in 2008.

Since 2002 year the seminar materials had been published both in the book of abstract and in the web-pages of seminar.


The pages of the previous seminars:



Геохимия магматических пород - 2002

Геохимия магматических пород - 2003

Геохимия магматических пород - 2005

Геохимия, петрология, минералогия и генезис щелочных пород – 2006

Щелочной магматизм Земли и его рудоносность"-2007

Геохимия магматических пород - 2008

Geochemistry of magmatic rocks -2009

Geochemistry of magmatic rocks -2010