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Without any exaggeration one can say that the Crimean Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas in the world. We can speak about the geology of Crimea endlessly: from 1957, when a stationary training facility of MSU was opened in the Crimea, it became a major international center for geological and geophysical summer training camps, where our students undergo field geological training.

But Crimea is interesting not only in geological aspect: somebody called Crimea "the Earth in miniature". It is a land with rich biological diversity, rich history and very important place for Russian culture.

We organize a post-conference excursion to the the Karadag (Kara-Dag) paleovolcanic complex, one of the most beautiful and famous places not only of Crimea but, generally, of former USSR.


Excursion on Karadag will be 16.09.2010

Excusion cost 10-15 Euro (preliminary).




Some internet-links about Crimea may be interesting for you


Mineralogy of Karadag Reserve (Kara-Dag), http://www.mindat.org/loc-18209.html


Karadag Natural Reserve http://www.rentmyflatinfeodosia.com/feodosia_guide/feodosia_karadag.asp 


Crimean Mountains http://www.encyclopediaofukraine.com/pages/C/R/CrimeanMountains.htm


Geological secrets of Mountain Crimea. http://www.crimeanextreme.com/en/page9.html


Karadag: A Marvel of a Preserve on the Crimean Southern Coast http://www.wumag.kiev.ua/wumag_old/archiv/1_98/crym.htm


Karadag Nature Museum, Dolphinarium and Aquarium near Feodosiya http://www.rentmyflatinfeodosia.com/feodosia_guide/feodosia_dolphinarium.asp


 Rock-climbing http://www.crimeanextreme.com/en/page15.html


History http://www.blacksea-crimea.com/history1.html

Pilgrimage to the Crimea http://www.wumag.kiev.ua/wumag_old/archiv/2_98/pilgrim.htm


See also:

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