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Purification of TiO2 Pigment from Fe3+ by Addition of EDTA During Hydrolysis of TiO2+ on Egyptian Ilmenite Sand

Abdou A. Abdou

Nuclear Materials Authority (NMA), P.O. Box 530, El Maadi, Cairo, Egypt


The complete removal of Fe3+ during the manufacturing process of white pigment is essential. This paper introduces a method to prepare high purity TiO2 by addition of EDTA (disodium ethylenediammine tetra-acetate) to chelate Fe3+ and prevent its hydrolysis to form Fe(OH)3. The extent of hydrolysis of the TiO2+ ion rose with increasing solution pH and greater time under the experimental conditions, reaching 96.7 % at a solution pH of 2.0 and a hydrolysis time of 120 minutes. Under the experimental conditions, the hydrolysis of Fe3+ was restrained by EDTA addition into the solution. The TiO2 content of the product increases as the EDTA/Fe3+ percentage ratio increase, yielding a purity of  97.5 % TiO2 as the ratio increased to 3 which added to a TiO2+/Fe3+ percentage ratio of 20.