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Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry

Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Ukrainian Research and Design Institute for Mining Geology, Rock Mechanics and Surveying, Donetsk, Ukraine


International conference

Geochemistry of magmatic rocks. School Geochemistry of Alkaline rocks

12-16 September 2010


Dear colleagues! We invite you to participate in the International conference Geochemistry of magmatic rocks as a part of the school Geochemistry of Alkaline rocks The seminar will be held in 12-16 September 2010 in the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine. The conference will cover broad aspects of geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy and ore potential of magmatic rocks, mostly alkaline and carbonatite. Working language of conference are Russian and English.  

The main themes of seminar will be:

1)      The alkaline magmatism of different tectonic environments

2)      Geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy and ore potential of alkaline rocks and carbonatites

3)      Genesis of kimberlitic rocks

4)      Phase equilibriums in the magmatic systems (the experimental data)


Registration form must be sent by e-mail Alkaline2010@gmail.com until 28/02/10.

Pre-registration form


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Contact phone___________________________________

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Preferred form of presentation______________________

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The conference abstracts will be published in a book and in the web-site of conference http://alkaline2010.web.ru/. The abstract submission deadline is 10/05/2010. EXTENDED UP TO 30/05/2010 Please send abstracts in RTF file (strictly following the guidelines) to the e-mail address: Alkaline2010@gmail

Guidelines for abstract formatting will published on the conference web-site http://alkaline2010.web.ru/ and in the second circular.

Hotel address and residing conditions are placed on a site http://www.primorie.com.ua PLEASE, CONTACT US FOR HOTEL RESERVATION

Organizing committee will confirm the participants registration and accepting of abstracts by the publishing on the conference web-site.

 Chairwomen of the

Organising Committee                                                               academician L.N. Kogarko